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Product Development

PKOLS’ software product development services capabilities can be used to create custom software and products that best suit the functionality and needs of your business. Years of substantial experience in custom software development have given us the expertise to define development plans and provide consistent guidance and support throughout all…
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Mobile App Development

Whether you’re an international company or a startup with the next big idea, at PKOLS we use the latest technology to build the best app for your business. Because we also develop desktop and web applications, we can advise you on how best to use mobile devices throughout your business…
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Web App Development

We help our clients cost-effectively develop feature-rich web applications, both domestically and internationally, with tight deadlines. Whatever your web application requirements, we can build a solution that meets them and provides a better return on investment. Our team of web engineers has extensive experience in core technologies such as Java,…
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Custom Software Development

PKOLS has deep experience in developing innovative desktop applications. Our developers have worked with all types of requirements and have experience with different types of technologies. All custom software development projects are developed using industry standard tools, tested and validated. Strict project quality assurance measures are applied to ensure that…
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