Custom Software Development

PKOLS has deep experience in developing innovative desktop applications. Our developers have worked with all types of requirements and have experience with different types of technologies.

All custom software development projects are developed using industry standard tools, tested and validated. Strict project quality assurance measures are applied to ensure that all applications and projects deliver guaranteed results on time and on budget.

Custom Software Development Services

Our comprehensive services help you create high-quality and reliable specialized software applications.

Bespoke Software Development

Develop scalable and reliable software applications that address critical business needs, outperform competitors and increase productivity. Our iterative, results-driven approach defines a clear plan from the start, sets project deadlines and develops cross-platform applications that are compatible with mobile, web and cloud technologies with complete flexibility and agility.

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Accelerate the process of transforming legacy applications into modern applications by redesigning and modernizing their existing structure. We combine our years of experience in serving different markets to offer modernization services such as application versioning, enhancement services, database migration, integration and re-engineering.

Cloud Applications

Leverage the expertise of PKOLS cloud experts to quickly modernize and integrate applications in the cloud for improved productivity and resilience. We provide enterprises with services as diverse as cloud consulting, cloud infrastructure, cloud integration, cloud migration and cloud application management.

Enterprise Application Integration

Seamless integration of application and database workflows with applications designed to provide a seamless flow of data from source to destination. PKOLS leverages advanced technology to deliver faster, more cost-effective business solutions with seamless connectivity and interoperability between different systems.

DevOps & QA

Adapt a collaborative approach while managing application development, operations and quality assurance by automating processes using Agile methodology. Our services extend not only to London, but around the world. We take a targeted approach to niche markets, adhering to standardized quality measures that drive responsiveness and service excellence.

Maintenance and Support

Improve application performance by constantly monitoring system health, checking performance and updating versions to keep up with changing technology markets. We offer clients ongoing business support and customized software application maintenance services to keep up with infrastructure changes, system integration or any other technical issues.

Custom Software Development Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we provide many services such as:


Constructive Strategy

We offer companies state-of-the-art technology solutions using our intelligent approach, which quickly incorporates advanced features into our application using the most appropriate technology.

Scalable Business Engagement

We seamlessly combine the talent of our skilled professionals and technological expertise for a cost-effective and scalable method of doing business.

On-Demand IT staff

We enhance the company’s competencies by adding the skills of our skilled employees in line with business needs to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge.

Data-driven Decisions

We take a progressive view of development strategies created with data-driven values that deliver flawless results with customized software solutions.

Hire a dedicated team of Custom
Software Developers

Using ingenuity and technical ability to understand a client’s problem and transform it into a state-of-the-art solution.

Flawless Design

Create digital experiences through creative and design-oriented approaches.

Effective Code

Apply the most appropriate technical framework and codes depending on the specific needs of the company.

Easy Communication

Seamless communication with the team, including login and daily updates.

Custom Software Development FAQs

Some indications are listed below:

  • When you have to enter the same or identical data in different applications.
  • When you produce a large volume of data and need to provide data automatically
    Keeping data from documents or applications up to date

We strictly comply with NDAs, and in addition, all of our employees are bound by the company's confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses.

How you can guarantee ԛWe ensure that our developers are fully committed. We strictly follow a formal quality control process for every software project, which includes regular code reviews, design reviews, and quality assurance.

No, you don't need to be a technology expert to get your own custom software project. That's what we're here for!

Trust and confidence are the foundation of any relationship. In over 9 years of experience, we have successfully developed 80+ projects for 25+ clients, including Fortune 15 companies. You can check out our references and testimonials to review our portfolio

Hiring your own software developers is an expensive and time-consuming process, while you can save a lot of time and money by hiring us.

The total cost depends on various factors such as technology, tools, duration, the complexity of your project and the number of developers required. Please contact us for more information on the approximate cost.

Yes, we provide after-support and maintenance depending on your package.

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