Product Development

PKOLS’ software product development services capabilities can be used to create custom software and products that best suit the functionality and needs of your business. Years of substantial experience in custom software development have given us the expertise to define development plans and provide consistent guidance and support throughout all phases of development, from design to development, maintenance and release.

Our low-risk approach defines business scenarios, possible user sets and develops stable and successful business solutions for any industry or business domain in the UK and worldwide.

Software Product Development Services

UK product engineering services to turn your commercial product ideas into reality.

Prototyping and MVP Development

Initiate, build and launch ideas for product development needs using an iterative approach that takes into account changing market dynamics and the diversity of customer needs. Our services ensure robust MVP development with rigorous testing and guidance to improve the overall product idea and deliver a high quality product.

Product Architecture design services

Translate business needs into cutting-edge products by integrating the latest technologies into modern products and software developed to reduce the complexity of IT infrastructures. Our skilled and qualified team of software developers conduct in-depth research into different product tiers and develop applications with enhanced compatibility and security.

UI / UX Design services

Create engaging, intuitive and innovative UI/UX designs to increase customer engagement by bridging the gap between product development ideas and reality. A design thinking approach is used to create a clearly defined UI/UX plan that includes wireframes, information architecture, UX design and strategic design advice.

Product Development

PKOLS’ product development services improve the business of clients in the UK and around the world with breakthrough innovations that incorporate new architectures and technologies. Specific business requirements are managed through operational methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, SCRUM and prototyping to ensure products are fully functional and effective.

Product Testing

Based on rigorous standards for software development services, the quality assurance experts perform rigorous testing of all kinds, including unit testing, functional testing, performance testing, smoke testing, verification testing and UAT testing. We provide companies with consistent testing to ensure the robustness, durability and integration of their applications at all levels of product development and testing.

Maintenance and Support

Software product development companies meet ever-changing customer expectations by developing products that perform better in a changing environment and with evolving technologies. A dedicated team of support engineers, available 24/7, ensures that applications are reliable, robust and efficient, and upgrades and maintenance services are delivered in a timely manner.


Efficient Project Management

PKOLS takes full responsibility for getting to the bottom of the project, finding the best technology and ensuring that the scope, schedule, budget and deadlines are met.

Tangible Outcomes

We offer businesses a range of software development services that guarantee consistent delivery, regardless of tight deadlines, rework and reprogramming.

Systematic Hiring

We helps companies speed up the onboarding process for new employees and streamline the process to increase productivity.

Superior User experience

We excel in providing the best services to meet your business needs with an enhanced user experience and state-of-the-art functionality.

Hire a dedicated team of Software Product Developers

With ingenuity and technical skill, we understand our customers’ challenges and translate them into innovative solutions.

Flawless Design

Create digital experiences through creative and design-oriented approaches.

Effective Code

Apply the most appropriate technical framework and codes depending on the specific needs of the company.

Easy Communication

Seamless communication with the team, including login and daily updates.

Software Product Development FAQs

We strictly adhere to the NDA.

Likewise, all our employees are bound by our confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses.

We are committed to the full engagement of our developers on your development and maintenance projects. We strictly adhere to formal quality control processes, including regular code reviews, design reviews and quality assurance on every product development and maintenance project.

We do not boast. See references and testimonials for our development services.

Yes, service and maintenance are offered as part of the customer package.

The total cost depends on the complexity of the project and, in the case of maintenance services, on the functionality and performance you want to add to your existing product.

In some cases, yes. Our consultants work on site for a pre-determined fee.

Absolutely not! We will not reuse any code that is specifically used in your project.

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